Top Whisky Brands in India

Top Whisky Brands in India 

United Spirits: United Spirits Limited (USL) is the largest spirits company in the world by volume, selling 122.75 million cases for the fiscal ending March 31st, 2012. Besides Whyte & Mackay and Bouvet Ladubay being 100% subsidiaries of USL, the company has 22 millionaire brands (selling more than a million cases a year) in its portfolio and enjoys a strong 59% market share for its first line brands in India. Name of United Spirits whisky brands are Antiquity (Blue and Rare), Bagpiper (Bagpiper and Bagpiper Blue), McDowell’s No.1, McDowell’s No.1 Platinum, Royal Challenge, Signature, DSP Black, Old Tavern.

Allied Blenders and Distillers Pvt. Ltd. (ABD) It is  a company promoted by the stalwart of the Indian alcobev industry, Mr. Kishore Chhabria. He has been spearheading the business for over twenty years. It is India’s 3rd largest spirits company with an impressive portfolio consisting of some of the country’s most popular brands. Name of Whisky brands are Officer’s Choice, Officer’s Choice Blue ,Sumo and Old Trac

John Distilleries : John Distilleries Pvt. Ltd. has a network of 16 manufacturing units spread over 13 states of India. Its strength lies in the complete integration of manufacturing with a primary distillery, a malt plant. bottling units and a winery – all owned and operated by the Company. Brands of Whisky are Original Choice, Grand Duke, Mont Castle

Radico Khaitan :Radico Khaitan is one of India’s oldest and largest liquor manufacturers. Formerly known as Rampur Distillery which was established in 1943. It was only in 1999, that Radico decided to launch and market its own brands, thereby embarking on a period of phenomenal growth. To further boost its production capacity of bottled and branded products, the company has tied up with bottling units in various parts of the country.Brands of whisky  are  8PM Whisky, Royal Whytehall Whisky , After Dark Whisky

 NV Group: Ever since is inception in 1996. NV has adhered to stringent quality control measures having adopted state of the art infrastructure and technology. There has been steady growth in terms of investment returns and volume in sales at NV which makes it a leading producer of RTD`s in the country today. Whisky brand is Party Special