Buying Ollington St. Collection Gardening Tool Set for my Nature Lover Nephew

Becoming aunt changes me a lot. Today I am going to write a product review on a gardening tool set, a toy for a kid. I recently bought a gardening tool set of Ollington St. Collection for my nephew from Babyoye. I shopped it online and since the time the toy was delivered, my nature lover nephew is completely in love with it.

My sister in law love gardening but She hardly manage to do and therefore, she is not sure how her son has become such a huge nature lover. I am happy for him being one; in fact, I believe every kid today should be a nature lover. During his educational trip last month, he came in contact with gardening. He loved the activity so much that since then he has been demanding for gardening tools from me. First, I ignored his demand but later gave it a rethinking. I have bought him other toys like helicopter, a flying crane, a puzzle, a cricket bat but this time he was asking for something unique and interesting. I thought to myself, if every kid is educated on gardening and the importance of plants, flowers and trees, half of nature’s problems will be solved. I am proud that my nephew loves gardening and when asked he said – I love gardening because I want to save the earth by planting more and more trees. Though it was a taught sentence from his teacher, it brought a smile to my face. It was then when I decided to buy a gardening tool set for him.

Features of the gardening tool set

gardening tool set

For my nephew, especially with toys, I prefer online shopping. For this one as well, I shopped online. I have shopped baby feeding products (know more ) few times from earlier and therefore did a random search for gardening tool sets. They had this gardening tool set from Ollington St. Collection. The set is a colorful one with spade, water spray and more. The tool set is made of plastic and do not have sharp edges. Thus, the tools are easy and harmless to use. It is a light weight tool suitable for kids. The best part is its bright color and sturdy look. I liked the tool set at the very first look though; I did few more searches before I finally bought the set in just 300 rupees. In today’s expensive world, getting an interesting and engaging toy for Rs. 300 is a big fact. Ollington St. Collection is a popular name and the set was really appealing and therefore I couldn’t help buying.

My nephew loves his gardening tool set

My nephew plays with the gardening tool very often. In fact, in our last weekend’s holiday he took the tool set along with him and played gardening and fun activities in the beaches. I love this engagement of his with nature and encourage every kid to build such a habit.